The Kairos Moment

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I reported earlier on John MCNeills’ closing remarks about a ‘Kairos Moment’ at the end of his angry letter to the US bishops. This thought has stuck with me ever since, so last week I wrote to him, asking  for further commentary.  His reply referred me to his book “Freedom, Glorious Freedom“” for a full explanation.  This I have not read – but based on his summary remarks, and on the excitement with which I am currently reading McNeill’s earlier book, “Taking a Chance on God,”  I look forward to doing so. From McNeill’s summary remark in his email:

“I see the Catholic Church as being transformed from a Church based on obedience to external authority to a Church based on obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit which speaks to us from within ourselves and our experience…”

Hal..le ..LUJ..jah to that!  This is a theme to which I will return frequently as the site develops.

“Freedom Glorious Freedom ” now moves to the top of my wish list.  (And this is NOT just because he writes that he is “excited” by my project. So am I, John, so am I.)

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    […] resistance in the press, and among the Bishops.  Now he goes further, and writes explicitly of a Kairos Moment,  “which not only seals the doom of the Neocaths but augurs a convulsion in world […]

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