Faith and Sexuality

So far on these pages, I have been able first to set up a shell, and then to begin to  populate it with the easy & fun bits: listings, directories, book recommendations.

I suspect, though, that for many LGBT men and women exploring matters of faith, the more important issues are the tough questions I have so far avoided: dealing with the perception of a supposed conflict between their faith and their sexual identity.  Personally, I no longer believe that there is a real conflict, as many excellent scholars have been showing. I will, in these pages, lead you to some of these writers, and will in time summarise the arguments for you.

My greater interest, however, is not in the defensive mode of answering our critics, but in finding the “Good News”, in Scripture, in the formal teaching of the Magisterium, and in the formation of an internal spiritual life.  I have begun today  the development of pages specifically intended to explore these themes. In telling you this, I must present it with two spiritual health & safety warnings:

First, I have absolutely no particular expertise in these matters. I am not myself a saint, nor have I any spiritual wisdom, nor am I a biblical scholar, nor have I any training in formal theology.  All I have, is an honest interest in exploring these issues.  If I am wrong, I would be grateful to be corrected on matters of fact or flawed reasoning.  In developing these thoughts, I am convinced my own understanding will increase.  If at the same time, I help to extend your own thinking, that would be great.

Second, I must stress that this is no more than a start.  To push the ball along, I urgently ask for your help, by responding with your own thoughts.

Now, to begin the exploration, see the new pages:


Church Teaching




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