Maledict Does It Again!

I am so angry I am ready to spit.

This week marks the completion of one month blogging on this site – my first, very tiny milestone.  In the much bigger scheme of things, this week also marks the 50th anniversary of Vatican II.  For both of these reasons, I was anxious to return to the original spirit I promised in launching – to ‘celebrate’ our place in the church, and to focus on the Good News inherent in Scripture, and in the rest of the Christian tradition.

Indeed there is good news, and I will return to it the rest of the week – but for now, I have to express my anger at the latest affront from the Vatican.  (Until I have had time to calm down though, I will not attempt comment of my own – just present the bare facts, and link to flesh out the story. ) In the  week of the Vatican II anniversary, in a move clearly timed to coincide with it, Benedict has chosen to mark the occasion by reinstating 4 Lefevrist bishops, one of whom is so off-the-wall right wing it makes one’ s hair stand on end. Oh, and the timing gets better:  not only were the Vatican rebels welcomed back with open arms to co-incide with the 50th Anniversary, but the rehabilitation of the holocaust denier was done just days before the rest of the world remembers international Holocaust Memorial Day.

Lifting the ban on these wingnuts, whose original fall from grace was based on their opposition to Vatican II, follows hard on the heels of the silencing of more progressive voices:

There is a lot more I would like to say on both of these, but will wait until I have calmed down.

I hope to have more positive material later.

2 Responses to “Maledict Does It Again!”

  1. Gerald Floyd Says:

    Congratulations on completing your first month of blogging. You brought your blog to my attention with the favorable comment you left on my 1/27 blog posting criticizing Pope Benedict’s personal “dictatorship of relativism,” exemplified most recently in reversing the excommunications of four ultraconservative bishops who deny just about everything Vatican II taught. Thanks also for referencing my blog in your own 1/29 posting, above. I am impressed with your blog and have added it to my own list of blogs that I read on a regular basis.

    I had to smile at your reference to Maledict. I first referred to Benedict by the term of endearment in a blog posting 7/12/07. It’s at In that posting I criticized Benedict’s claim that other Christian denominations are not churches as another unwarranted departure from Vatican II.

    If you read some of my previous blog postings, you’ll see that one of my regular concerns is reforming the church’s teachings on gay people and civil rights for gay people. My blog also has a link to my Ph.D. dissertation, which includes a chapter covering changes in the church’s teaching on homosexuality over the last 2,000 years. I would be happy to be included in your list of LGBT Catholic Blogs.

    • queeringthechurch Says:

      Mny thanks for your kind words, Gerald. The first month of blogging has been sometimes exhilirating, sometimes dispiriting, not always being sure whether I am getting through to too many readers. Early on, I saw a pronounced spike in viewers, but then realised that this was entirely due to my post on Transvstite saints being placed on a transgendered news group. That brought in a flood of day-trippers, having one look at one item, not to return. Building up a more stable coterie of regular readsers is a longer struggle, so every endorsement helps. I enjoyed finding your blog, and will gladly add it to my blogroll .

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