Maledict’s Mercy.

One last time, before I stop commenting on this debacle:


In trying to calm the storm he created himself, Benedict has clarified that he took his decision in the interests of church unity, and in a spirit of mercy. “I decided to carry out this act out of paternal mercy” he said, adding that he hopes his gesture will lead to their commitment “to realise full communion with the Church, by their fidelity to and full recognition of the Magisterium and authority of the Pope and the Second Vatican Council”.


Note that he “hopes” that this will lead to their full acceptance of Vatican II – there is no indication that assurances have already been received, or even sought.


And does his concern for church unity, and mercy to the suffering of those excluded from the church, extend to those many priests and religious whom he has forces out because in conscience they disagree with the official line of sexuality, or on women priests?


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