Housekeeping & Apology.

My apologies for my absence over the past few days.  My time has been largely committed to a committee meeting and follow up tasks for the Soho Masses group, but even worse has been continuous disruptions to my Internet access.  I am now more or less up to date with the Soho Masses business, the Internet provision this morning seems erratic bat intermittently available, and perhaps I can begin to get up to date – there is enough  material waiting.

The prospect is daunting – there is a long list of posts I have been wanting to get to, Rob in Woking has very discreetly but pointedly drawn my attention to news items that I have been neglecting, and sitting down to my keyboard this morning I quickly found four important posts on other sites than are crying out for reflection and comment.

I do not have time to write properly about the other posts as I would like to, so have been contented to simply list then in “This morning’s Web Reads”.

What I have been waiting to write about myself:

A review and commentary of John McNeills’ “Sex as God intended”;

A proper review of  the stimulating film “For the Bible Tells Me So”, which I reported seeing with Rob some weeks ago.

Further notes on the Bookshelf, which has been neglected;

An expansion of the existing web “links” into a more useful web guide – what is worth consulting, and for what purpose.

Discussion on the place of Conscience & the Sensus Fidelium in developing a personal faith;

Spirituality and discernment in the formation of conscience;

The distinction & tension between Papal authority and Papal power;

Elaboration of my earlier posts about the Kairos moment, and emergent signs of hope amidst the well-publicised gloom.

Ongoing response to fresh news.

That will keep me busy – before I can write about some of these, I need to do the research to beef up my own knowledge! Listing them is not the same as actually writing, but its a start. Bear with me.

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