6 Month Review: Thanks to All

It is now 6 months since I lunched “Queering the Church”, six months which have been enriching and rewarding.  It is time to step back and reflect on the ups and downs, to give thanks, and to redirect where necessary. Heartfelt thanks are due to my friend Rob Alexander for encouragement and contributions, and to fellow bloggers at The Wild Reed, Nihil Obstat, Ad Dominum,  Bilgrimage, JS O’Leary, and  Creative Advance for encouragement and links.   Thanks too, to everyone who has posted a comment of any kind.  “Censor Librorum” once described commenters as “angels who sat on her shoulder”. So it is:  else there is a real danger, in a phrase used by Bilgrimage, of feeling that one is “talking into a vacuum”.

My chief satisfaction has been in seeing that somewhere out there, there are people who find something of value here.  The total page loads now exceed 5000 from over 3000  individual visitors. many of these are surfing tourists, just passing through:  but at least 600 of you have returned for repeated  looks, some of you very frequently indeed. This is gratifying.

My second satisfaction is that  maintaining and developing this site keeps me constantly challenged, grappling with the issues, reading, and thinking, thus constantly feeding my own growth and development as a gay Catholic.  Again, for this I am grateful.

The main area where I need to improve, I think, is in filling the gaps.  In launching the site, I envisaged two major aims:  to comment on current events or issues that caught my attention, and also to provide a  comprehensive resource base for the LGBT Catholic community.  This is reflected in the design, with a front page that is essentially comment, and back pages for the resource base.  In practice, I have provided far more of the first, and somewhat neglected the back page resources (especially Scripture and Spirituality). To correct the balance, I have started paying more attention to internal links and site navigation (see my new Site Map page), and aim to spend more time on adding fresh material to these pages as well.

Finally, my one big dissapointment, which I discussed yesterday.  I would dearly love to have not just your comments, but also your own contributions.  Let this grow, in time, into a genuine community voice. Until then, thank you all once again for your support, in whatever form you have given it.

Nevertheless, I thank you all again for your support thus far, in whatever form you have given it.

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