“Queering the Church” Expands

My regular readers may be wondering why I have been so quiet this week.  Fear not, dear blog, I have not been neglecting you, but have been doing some important backroom work.

First up, I know and am grateful that some of you at at least have found my ramblings helpful and valuable.  That being so, I have been trying to take my writing to a wider audience, cross-posting some materials to other sites (notably “Daily Kos”, but also others) . I know that a good number of the Kos readers have followed me here, thus further expanding my already growing readership.  This is good – there is little point in producing useful material if there is not a reasonable audience for it. HELLO & WELCOME, KOSSAKS!

I have also been preparing several posts whcih have been giving me some trouble to get right, but do exist in draft. These should be ready to put up over the next few days, so watch out for further instalments in my clerical abuse series (How we are all victims“, and also “How we are all guilty“) and more on sexuality and spirituality, among others.

Introducing Sergius & Bacchus Book Club!
S B Book Club Masthead

But my major activity has been on totally rethinking my book pages.  When I began this site, it was one of my clear intentions to develop a really useful and excellent  guide to LGBT religious books.  However, the limitations of working within a general blog have thrown up difficulties I have been unable to overcome, even with the flexibility of the WordPress platform. The twin requirements of providing simple lists of thematic recommendations, and also more detailed information and comment on individaul books whilst not overwhelming the main blog with the sheer volume of pages, have presented I puzzle I have been unable to solve.

So my solution has been to open a separate, dedicated book site, the “Sergius & Bacchus Book Club”, where you will be able to access more detailed information, on more books from a wider range, than I could possibly handle here. You will also be able to link directly to Amazon.com for moer infomation, or to buy the books if you wish.  (Which I hope you will do:  my resulting small commission could at least help me to expand my own library).   My existing book pages will remain open, but will now be trimmed back to simple thematic lists of recommended titles, with minimal commentary.  I hope that this will make them more manageable.

Happy Reading!


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