Gay Marriage, Climate Change – and Clerical Abuse.

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2 Responses to “Gay Marriage, Climate Change – and Clerical Abuse.”

  1. William Lindsey Says:

    Ellis O’Hanlon puts his finger on something I’ve been thinking as I read the reports of the stepped-up assault on the gay community in Ireland by Irish prelates.

    You’d think they’d be wanting to keep their heads down and to appear a bit chastened, given what we know from the recent report about abuse of children in Catholic institutions in Ireland. And by all accounts, the forthcoming report about the Dublin diocese is going to be even more shocking.

    So why roll out this high-profile attack on a minority group right now? In my view, there’s a large element of diversionary politics at work here–an attempt to change the subject and get people upset about something other than the church.

    This use of human bodies and human souls in political games is exceptionally mean-spirited. It’s certainly not going to win people back to the Catholic church in Ireland.

    To effect that, the big men of Irish Catholicism would be better advised to get their own house in order, than to attack people who are already subject to discrimination.

    • queeringthechurch Says:

      Spot on, William.

      This is a very clear example of “diversionary tactics”. We must not allow them to get away with it, in Ireland, the US, or elsewhere.

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