Housekeeping Notice: Slowdown Ahead.

I am leaving today, a little unexpectedly, on a family visit to South Africa.  (There is no need for alarm – this is not a medical or any other emergency.  It’s  just that it suddenly became clear to me that the time was right to make a trip before there is an emergency.  My mother is now over 80, with increasingly frequent bouts of respiratory health problems.)

I will be away for most of September.  With a large family to catch up on in three cities, I will have limited time, and limited internet access, for regular posting. However, I will continue to write when I can, even if they are shorter, less analytical pieces than I like to do.

Where I cannot write, I at least hope to read.  I have a large pile of exciting new books to get through: I plan to share some thoughts on these even while I am away, and certainly after my return. I have also added some news feeds to the site, so there is no need to wait for my return – there will regularly be something new here, regardless.

Peace, and au revoir, for now.

2 Responses to “Housekeeping Notice: Slowdown Ahead.”

  1. Joanaroo Says:

    Have a great holiday! My mom is soon to be 75 and it’s great to spend time with her. Your mom will love the time together. I’m going to check out more of your site and the recomnended blogs.

    • queeringthechurch Says:

      Thanks. Its also good to see the rest of the family. The whole trip was planned at short notice. Today I have been able to spend time with my daughter on her birthday. She says that when she got the news I was coming, she couldn’t stop jumping up and down with excitement. The grandchildren have also given me a grand welcome: but don’t allow much time for anything other than themselves.

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