Out in Scripture Gospel Reflection

I wrote last week:

Out in Scripture” is a project of the Religion and Faith  Programme of the Human Rights Campaign, which I found when reading about it on Fr Geoff Farrow’s blog.  It is the culmination of extensive discussion between 100 different scholars and pastors from 11 different denominations, based on the Revised Common Lectionary.  A particularly innovative feature that I have not seen elsewhere, is a parallel set of reflections specifically from the Trans perspective.

I hoped to make this a weekly feature, but I have been unable to access the resource this week, which comes up with a runtime error.  Sorry.

Perhaps you will be more successful than I if you try later – its a worthwhile resource.

2 Responses to “Out in Scripture Gospel Reflection”

  1. Jayden Cameron Says:

    Terence – this is off topic, but I just wanted to say how moved I was by the story of Jeanne Jugan you linked in your sidebar – inspiring in so many ways. Nice change to your blog, also, putting these stories in such a prominent place.

    • queeringthechurch Says:

      Thanks, Jayden. I had to stretch my tech to know how to get these stories working on the front page, but I thought it would be worthwhile. I’m glad you agree.

      I find there are so many stories that deserve attention, but not always discussion in a full post. I don’t think people were looking at the “news page” where I previously tried to do the same thing, so this works better. There just is not provision for comment: congratulations on your initiative!

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