Celebrating Family*

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One Response to “Celebrating Family*”

  1. William Lindsey Says:

    Beautiful statement about what family means, when we move beyond the pious platitudes, Terry–what it means in its real-life complexity.

    When I read this, I think of something a friend of mine who is a Presbyterian minister told me some years ago. She was on the committee called together by the Presbyterian Church USA to draft a new statement on sexual ethics in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

    That statement got torpedoed by the secular press, and never got enacted by the church. My friend tells me the reason the church asked for this statement was that they recognized that churches talk, Sunday after Sunday, about a model of family that doesn’t exist anymore–a middle-class, husband-wife-children model of family that a majority of church members no longer live.

    My friend thought (and I agree) that it would be better for the church to focus its preaching about family on families as they really exist, rather than on an idol that doesn’t even truly exist for a majority of churches anymore.

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