“Marian” Apparitions; Binary Thinking; Prayer & Modern Technology*

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2 Responses to ““Marian” Apparitions; Binary Thinking; Prayer & Modern Technology*”

  1. colkoch Says:

    Terence, I too was bowled over by Jayden’s posts on gay mystic, and have to add one more Lady in White tradition, and that is that the Northern Plain Tribes–specifically the Sioux maintain that the original Peace Pipe and other familiar ceremonies was given them by White Buffalo Calf Woman. A woman who sounds quite a bit like Mary. Here’s the link to the post on her from my own blog. Enlightened Catholicism

    • queeringthechurch Says:

      Thanks, Colleen. Fascinating story, again with many parallels.

      I enjoyed your personal observation, “Some days when I start the process of writing for this blog, it’s like Christmas. I never know what I will learn or where I will be taken in the numerous Google searches I need to do in order to write some of the articles.” Between helpful comments, Google searching and surfing, and following backlinks, I never quite know where the process will take me. But its fun and rewarding finding out.

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