Three Views on Hallowe’en.

Here on the other side of the Atlantic (still less in South Africa), Hallowe’en is not the big deal it is in the US, although it is now making a bigger impact. Then before.  I have mixed feelings – some decidedly negative – but watch fascinated, the strange goings on and contrasting responses I see from a distance.

1) At The Wild Reed, Michael shares some Hallowe’en Thoughts on the pagan origins as a holiday of transformation from summer to winter, but also marking a blurring between this world and the next. As he notes, gay men are adept at transformation, so it is not surprising that this holiday is celebrated particularly enthusiastically by them.

2) Not for the first time, The Vatican’s take is rather different to Michael’s. From the Daily Telegraph:

The Holy See has warned that parents should not allow their children to dress up as ghosts and ghouls on Saturday, calling Hallowe’en a pagan celebration of “terror, fear and death”. The Roman Catholic Church has become alarmed in recent years by the spread of Hallowe’en traditions from the US to other countries around the world.

As in Britain, it is only in recent years that Italian children have dressed up in costumes, played trick or treat on their neighbours and made lanterns out of hollowed out pumpkins.

The Vatican issued the warning through its official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, in an article headlined “Hallowe’en’s Dangerous Messages”.

Another religious view, the polar opposite of Michael’s, probably also sees a particularly apt connection between gay men and tonight’s celebrations:  according to this view, whether you join the fun or not, this is a dangerous time for Christians.

Halloween is much more than a holiday filled with fun and tricks or treats. It is a time for the gathering of evil that masquerades behind the fictitious characters of Dracula, werewolves, mummies and witches on brooms. The truth is that these demons that have been presented as scary cartoons actually exist. I have prayed for witches who are addicted to drinking blood and howling at the moon.

The devil’s agents are quite literally set loose among us, looking for souls to capture.  Most of  candy in the stores has been dedicated and prayed over  by witches, and is likely to be infected by wicked spells.  To be safe, avoid buying candy.  (If you must have some, I suggest you try making it yourself.) I don’t know  if cakes and cookies are also infected – best to play safe.

(Read more at the Danger of Celebrating Hallowe’en) .

3) From my Viewpoint says simply:  “Happy Hallowe’en!

Leather Muscle for Hallowe'en

Leather Muscle for Hallowe'en


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