Lesbian Bishop Consecrated *

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5 Responses to “Lesbian Bishop Consecrated *”

  1. queeringthechurch Says:

    I like the idea of this being God’s sense of humour, but in fact I think there is a bigger point here. The disappointment in Maine was real, but in the larger scheme of things it’s just a blip. The momentum is clearly in favour of equality. I have some charts I’m preparing to post which show how dramatic has been the growth of marriage equality over the past 10 years, now well-established in Europe and even starting to spread across Latin America.

    In the churches, gay and lesbian bishops in New Hampshire and Sweden are just the most dramatic symbols of a wider trend towards acceptance in at least some denominations. With the churches, which at one time were solidly against us, starting to show division, the religious argument against simply becomes less and less powerful. Maine and California will be overturned – we just don;t know for sure when – and in the meantime marriage equality could also come to New York, New Jersey, DC and possibly Illinois. In Oregon and Michigan, moves have begun to attempt to overturn state bans by a signature drive and state legislation respectively. All over the country there are legal challenges which could go anywhere.

    And that’s just the progress of marriage specifically, in the USA alone. Compared with the path of the original civil rights struggle in the USA, or the anti-apartheid struggle in SA, this is dramatically rapid progress.

  2. KittKatt Says:

    A lesbian bishop?! Hallelujah!

    • queeringthechurch Says:

      There’s an attractive symmetry here, Kitt. One gay man, one lesbian; one American, one Swede; one Episcopalian, one Lutheran. My guess is that the pace will now accelerate. After the Episcopalian decision in the summer to end the moratorium, there were a clutch of gay/ lesbian nomination sot fill vacancies in Minnesota and LA. I have not seen any updates on the outcomes (anybody out there know any more?), and I’m sure there will be more.

      I’m also confident that the Presbyterians and Methodists, who did not change their own rules this last summer, will do so within the next few years. Prejudice and injustice cannot win out indefinitely

  3. colkoch Says:

    The vote in Salt Lake City does not surprise me because the city itself is now predominately Catholic. When I lived in the area in 00 the city elected a democratic mayor in spite of a Bush landslide win.

    The LDS have moved out to the Suburbs to the South. If Provo had done this I would be shocked indeed.

    • queeringthechurch Says:

      Thanks for the feedback on Salt Lake City, Colleen – this was something I didn’t know. What impressed me though, was not the location but the backing of the LDS.

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