Celibacy: An Irish View *

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2 Responses to “Celibacy: An Irish View *”

  1. colkoch Says:

    Terence, I’ve has serious IT problems as well. I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with the IT folks at Verizon wireless and we never did isolate the problem. Eventually full service returned and today it seems fine. Neither Firefox nor Explorer would work correctly, but my modem ports, and internet card tested fine. They were perplexed and said they would run it further up their tech pyramid to see if they could figure out what the problem was. Even competely erasing and reloading Explorer didn’t help.

    Maybe someone is messing with us.

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      Thanks, Colleen, but I prefer to look for simpler explanations first. My problem had nothing to do with Internet, but was much more basic – I can’t get beyond bais BIOS to load Windows – there’s a small sector of the hard drive where the data is not readable. Only 4 small adjacent sectors, but in just the wrong place, so the system wouldn’t load. I think it can be resolved, but is beyond my expertise, and I’m not anxious to spend money on a technician if I can help it. I’m hoping my son-in -law will help me to reload Windows, which should sort it. In the meantime, no access – except when I can get onto Raymond’s machne – which isn’t often.

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