A Reader Responds: What is Alix to do? *

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4 Responses to “A Reader Responds: What is Alix to do? *”

  1. Jayden Cameron Says:

    I can’t begin to express how moved I was by this poignant heartfelt testimony. I very much want to get back to it, when time permits. (Right in the middle of grades and narratives for my students at the moment, due next Monday!) I did feel your advice to her was very wise. Heartbreaking to see the need for communion and fellowship denied so cruelly. What a terrible injustice. Surely there must be a network of ‘spiritual lesbians’ she can connect with. I do know some in London. “What am I to do?” Well, certainly not worry about the seeming conflict between her lesbianism and her faith. That is a problem only in the closed minds of the bigoted. Put those folks, and their absurd command of celibacy, far behind her. It’s really a practical question of finding a supportive spiritual community. But Alix seems like a person of rare courage and fortitude. She will find her way. Blessings on her search.

    • Alix Rites Says:

      Jayden, thank you so much for your response. It is refreshing to know that there are people out there that truly understand my heartbreak. As a response to my original comment, Terence offered me references to read which I will surely do at length. I live in the US in the South amidst the Buckle of the Bible Belt [so called because (1) churches are like gas stations—there is one on every corner, and (2) their brand of Christianity is close minded and for the most part incredibly homophobic]. My neighbours, a lesbian couple raising a six-year-old son told me that they worship at the Unitarian Church. However, that particular sect did not meet my spiritual needs. The thrust of their belief indicates that there are many pathways to God and in attendance were Hindus, Buddhists, and LGBTQ’s among others. While it was refreshing to see the number of LGBTQs in attendance, that is not what I believe. I believe that there is only one path to God. And, I do not say this to slight the UCC; everyone has the right to assemble and worship according to their beliefs—it just wasn’t for me. I also attended the local Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) that caters mostly to the gay community, but there again, my spiritual needs were not met. I look forward to your parsing through my comment when your academic demands are met. To have such supportive replies from you and Terence meant so very much to me.

  2. Jim McCrea Says:


    One minor note: UCC is United Church of Christ, not the Unitarians.

    If there IS a UCC church available, you might want to check it out.

    MCC is too prone to taking on the theology/spirituality/liturgy of the pastor. There is a wide variety of MCC approaches, all the way from quasi-Unitarian in San Francisco to holy roller in many of the smaller, more rural churches.

    Believe it or not, there ARE Catholic churches that are welcoming to LGBTQ folks. My parish in San Francisco (www.mhr.org) is one. Sadly, most of these are in urban coastal areas.

    Keep looking. you will find your home sooner or later and then can keep on keepin’ on.

    • Alix Rites Says:

      Jim, thank you for your comment and the correction re UCC. I did an exhaustive search for a UCC and sadly there is none [but there ARE pages and pages of Baptist churches :)]. This is going to be an arduous task and I will probably have to go on word of mouth; however the LGBTQ folks that I know who do go to church either go to the Unitarian or the MCC. There is one church here I found out, a high Episcopalian, that has a number of LGBTQ members, but I’ve never been to that denomination before. I should check it out; there is a high probability that it will be similar to a Catholic church.

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