“Amidst the Stones and the Dust” – James Alison’s Theology for Much-Loved Queers.

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3 Responses to ““Amidst the Stones and the Dust” – James Alison’s Theology for Much-Loved Queers.”

  1. William Lindsey Says:

    Terry, I had just read Jayden Cameron’s posting about his experience as a gay Catholic, at his Gay Mystic blog. And now I see yours, which is in many ways a valuable counterpart to Jayden’s.

    I’m grateful to you, as I am to Jayden, for continuing to think through these anguishing issues in a public, self-referential way that helps others to do the same. For myself lately, the heart is too close to cracking for me to speak much. I admire those who continue to engage an institution with high representatives who can say that those who are gay cannot enter the reign of God.

    For me right now, the church is simply too toxic. I have to find some way to distance myself spiritually and psychically, in order to nurture my own spiritual life.

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      Thnaks, Bill. I have been struggling to find enough internet access time to do more than basic email correspondence and posting here to do more than quick checks at other sites (although I think I am working around my difficulties now). I ahve seen though some fascnitaing material developing with you at Bilgrimage as well as at Gay Mystic and at Enlightened Catholicism, both on personal responses to Fr Martin’s question (“What is a Gay Catholic to Do”), and on the broader challenge of “reformatting” the church, in Colleen’s delightful phrase. The problems go far deeper than just the toxic response to queers: the institutional church is intensely dysfunctional to the core, as vividly illustrated by the ongoing abuse issues, and that affects us all.

      I firmly believe that one of the most constructive things we can do at present is to collect and preserve our personal testimonies – whether they be of attempting to live within the teaching, in silent or open dissent, or in outright rebellion and exile. The key is just to be fully honest: thereby, reflecting on those stories and looking for some common threads, we can hope to make a contribution to buidling the ne theology that James Alison wrote about recently. We can help and support each other – but can also assist the wider church, Catholic and other.

      I have already started collecting some of the stories I have come across, on Fr Martin’s comments thread, on assorted blogs, and in other comment threads, and will be publishing them here on a cluster of dedicated pages for “our stories”. I hope this will be up soon (within a few days).

      Keep well.

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