Covering Up the Cover Up: All is Tickety-Boo *

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2 Responses to “Covering Up the Cover Up: All is Tickety-Boo *”

  1. colkoch Says:

    I don’t if you meant to, but you hit on a real issue as to the hierarchical attitude towards abusers and repeatedly forgiving them: “the apologies and promises to reform sound remarkably like teenage boys’ confessional remorse over jerking off – and about as convincing.”

    When one has defined all sexual activity outside of that intended for procreation as mortally sinful, there is no motivation to treat criminal sexual behavior any different from masturbation. The penalty for the sins is the same. The base cause for so many problems the Church is encountering in the modern world is this completely unnuanced official doctrinal morality concerning sex.

    One corrections: Bishop Walsh is not the Papal Nuncio, that would be the Italian his Excellency Most Reverend Dr Giuseppe Leanza. Bishop ‘Wishy’ Walsh is the Bishop of Killaloe

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      Thanks for the correction, Colleen. I must have misread something somewhere.

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