Vatican Statement on Uganda

By way of a post at Box Turtle Bulletin, which (unlike many other general LGBT sites)  regularly has sound comment on religion, I learn that the Vatican has finally released a statement on Uganda:

Statement of the Holy See

Mr. Moderator,

Thank you for convening this panel discussion and for providing the opportunity to hear some very serious concerns raised this afternoon. My comments are more in the form of a statement rather than a question.

As stated during the debate of the General Assembly last year, the Holy See continues to oppose all grave violations of human rights against homosexual persons, such as the use of the death penalty, torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. The Holy See also opposes all forms of violence and unjust discrimination against homosexual persons, including discriminatory penal legislation which undermines the inherent dignity of the human person.

As raised by some of the panelists today, the murder and abuse of homosexual persons are to be confronted on all levels, especially when such violence is perpetrated by the State. While the Holy See’s position on the concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity remains well known, we continue to call on all States and individuals to respect the rights of all persons and to work to promote their inherent dignity and worth.

Thank you, Mr. Moderator.

For some excellent commentary on the statement, go to Box Turtle Bulletin

6 Responses to “Vatican Statement on Uganda”

  1. Phillip Clark Says:

    This is most welcome news! Although, as the Box Turtle Bullitin notes, it doesn’t really elaborate on its condemnations past those that frown on using the death penalty as a form of punishment. At least this brought the Church’s voice into an arena comatting anti-gay legislation, but what will bring it into an even more open dialogue with the issue of homosexuality and the questions that it poses for the Church and the world at large?

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      I have been badly neglecting the Uganda story – which may seem odd for someone from Africa. However there is no doubt that it raises huge issues for the churches elsewhere in their responses, not least for the Catholic church, as well as the Anglicans/ Episcopalians.

      I suppose my reluctance to comment comes down to my automatic response to nearly anything African, that things are far more complex than most outsiders realise, and that Africans generally resent meddling and interference by meddling outsiders – so that the most well-intentioned, well-informed intiatives can easily backfire.

  2. Mark from PA Says:

    I am glad that the Vatican made a statement but I feel that it should have been stronger. Also, I am annoyed by the use of the term “unjust discrimination.” Why don’t they just use “discrimination”? I just read another comment on one of your writing where it was stated that Pope John Paul I was gay. I had heard some mention of this before but don’t know if this is true or not. What is the story there?

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      On John Paul I, I have no information beyond that which I found on Jayden Cameron’s “Mystic Gay”, where I first read it. Trying to learn more, I came across rahter stronger suggestions that Paul VI may have been gay, and also sexually active (at least before becoming pope). I discuss what I found for each of these at the incorrectly named post “The Smiling Pope- Our First Gay Pope?

      First, he definitely wasn’t. That would have been Julius (III, I think) very much earlier, who was renowned for chasing his boyfriend around the streets of Rome. He later made this boy (and he was, literally, still a boy) a Cardinal, even though he was notoriously uneducated and totally unsuitable: just a bit of rough trade. But Julius is not a good role model for anybody, and we prefer not to talk about him, or any of the other Borgia clan.

  3. Mark from PA Says:

    Thanks, Terence. I actually read that article back in August. That is where I heard of it. I have also read about Pope Paul VI being gay from several sources. I check your site from time to time and am learning a lot here.

  4. Mark from PA Says:

    Terence, just to let you know that California Catholic Daily also printed the statement of the Vatican. It would be good if you could make an intelligent comment there. Some of the comments there are interesting but scary. I can’t believe what my friend Mark F had to say. (He used to be gay.)

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