Some Hearts Close to Cracking: What Gay Catholics HAVE Done.*

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4 Responses to “Some Hearts Close to Cracking: What Gay Catholics HAVE Done.*”

  1. Mark from PA Says:

    I actually commented on this but it ended up in the wrong spot. Thanks again for your response. Again, I was very touched by this. I still love that comment, “It’s a Rosa Parks thing.” AMEN to that.

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      Mark, I guessed your previous comment had landed in the wrong place, so was not bothered. For the rest of you who my be confused by Mark’s correction, the “Eosa Parks” reference is to the post
      “Suffer the Arrows”, where the comment (incorrectly) landed.

      The original comment, which should have been to this post, was:

      Thank you for sharing these with us, Terence. I must say that in a way I feel blessed because I went to 12 years of Catholic school and never heard one word said against gay people by priests or teachers. I have also never heard anything said against gay people from the pulpit. I was effeminate but I was never in a fight in all of school and don’t feel that I was bullied in high school. I was somewhat shy and a lot of the kids didn’t talk to me much. In fact I think I was sheltered to an extent by the other kids. The other guys for the most part didn’t use bad language around me, tell me dirty jokes and discuss sex or drugs with me. I treated everyone with respect and never had a bad word to say about anyone so I think I pretty much got respect back. My best friend did use homophobic terms around me when I was a senior but I think he just did this to keep me at a distance. One odd thing that I remember is that he had a dictionary with the word sodomy underlined and often he would show me the word and laugh and I was clueless as to why he did this. There was only one teacher that was negative towards me, the priest that taught our class religion. He could be sarcastic to me at times and I would feel that he was poking fun at me. He took a lot of the kids on outings and trips but he gave them alcohol and since I didn’t drink I never got invited. Last year, I found out that this man was a predator and that he had abused several guys in my high school. This was upsetting to me and kind of brought home the abuse crisis to me in a personal way. Finding this out has made me see things differently.

  2. colkoch Says:

    “I find it odd that for once, it should be the men who are more willinlgy exposing their inner hurt, while the women are more guarded.”

    I can’t speak for others, but in my own case there isn’t much difference between the discrimination I’ve experienced just being a woman and any I might have experienced being gay. In fact, in some occupations I’ve worked, being perceived as gay has been a plus. Here I’m thinking of the mining industry. Men trusted gay women to do the job far more than straight women.

    There are real differences in societal perception of gay men vs gay women. Don’t forget that straight men use pornography which is loaded with lesbian sex. In this respect the idea of lesbianism is heteroerotic. This is hardly the case with gay men.

    When writing about the Church, I really believe part of the reason for the homophobia is the perceived ‘feminizing’ of the priesthood is a very bad thing. For me the gay issue is an extension of the mysoginy issue. The Church is denying gay men the same things they deny all women essentially because some gay men are seen as too effiminate.

    Out gay men are seen to have thrown away their innate right to dominate by ‘choosing’ to act like women. Women on the other hand, have no innate right to dominate anything and so the gay male is doubly dangerous. First by choosing to act like a woman and secondly by insisting they have the same rights as real men. Since lesbians are already women, the hierarchy doesn’t really care. For them the far more pressing issue is ‘radical’ feminism.

    I personally think real radical feminism is inherent in male gay rights. My own as both a woman and a gay woman will come only when gay men retake theirs.

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      Thanks Colleen, this certainly helps my own understanding. I certainly agree that teh two issues of misogyny and homophobia are totally linked – that was where the original horror of men behacing sexually “like women” was so strongly condemned, but taking the active, insertive -and hence “masculine” – role was seen as entirely natural. The difficulty is that while we can understand teh connection, we continue to see things from our own perspective- until the other view is spelt out.

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