Taking Christians out of Christmas

This image has haunted me ever I saw it, at “The Outskirts

The first impact is amusing, then horrifying.  It’s obvious that Christmas trees have little to do with Christmas:  to limit their sale to Christians is so ridiculous as to be funny.

But symbolically, there is a serious and scary side to this too.  Many so-called Christians have denuded and water-down the real Christmas story of the Incarnation, one which is an essential prelude to the much greater story of the passion and resurrection , to a sentimental children’s story, with pretty décor, sentimental Carols gifts for kids and overindulgence for adults, elevating to the “major” feast of the Christian year.

In an exactly comparable way, far too many have sidelined the fundamental Good News of the Gospel message, a message of love, inclusion, of justice and redemption, and instead elevated their own preferred vision: a vision of exclusion, of righteousness, of elaborate rules, of ornate buildings and elaborate vestments, pomp and ceremony.

Let us this image as a lesson: instead of focussing on the peripherals, let us concentrate instead on the real message of the Incarnation – at Christmas, and throughout  the year.

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3 Responses to “Taking Christians out of Christmas”

  1. Dean Bishop Says:

    I simply want to say a big AMEN!

    It is time we concentrate more on including
    everyone instead of excluding some from the
    glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Our Lord died for all.

  2. Harry Hunter Says:

    It is apparent that the owner of the christmas tree lot does not realize that the christmas tree is a pagan element adopted by Christianity, but has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. This apparent lack of understanding by many Christians of thier faith is amazing. I see this in part as a fault of our churches. HH

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      Dean and Harry: Hi to both. It is wonderful to see two new name as in the comments thread, and on the same post, too. You’re both bang on right, of course, so I won’t add any more – except to say that the points you raise are exactly why this site exists: to shift the discussion away from the peripherals and hate that usually dominate, and back to the love and real message of the Gospels – and the coming celebration of the Incarnation.

      Thanks for joining the discussion.

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