St John the Evangelist, the “Beloved Disciple”: December 27th*

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5 Responses to “St John the Evangelist, the “Beloved Disciple”: December 27th*”

  1. colkoch Says:

    Great post Terence.
    I have also read a theory that Mary Magdalene was actually the ‘beloved’ disciple and that the Gospel of John was used as a literary device, as a cover so to speak, to disseminate the thoughts, experiences and teachings of Mary and her community.

    In the end, as you point out, the real truth is all about how Jesus loved and what love means as a potent active change agent on it’s own merits. This should never be confused or equated with active sexuality–although this kind of love can certainly encompass active sexuality.

  2. KittKatt Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful post on one of my favorite subjects. Those who are interested in exploring the idea of erotic attraction between Jesus an John may enjoy the following artistic visions:

    “Jesus in Love: A Novel” by Kittredge Cherry

    Artist Becki Jayne Harrelson has painted a wonderful Last Supper that shows the Beloved Disciple and Jesus in a loving embrace:

  3. william Says:

    I know some find this offensive but i fail to understand why.
    Jesus never said anything about what is known today as homosexuality. The bible is very clear on one subject and that is love. Love of God and God’s love for all mankind.
    It doesn’t matter who you are or your sexuality, gender, or anything else. All of us are God’s children and discrimination against anyone is strictly prohibited. Those who find this offensive would do well to re read the bible as it is.
    It’s all about love.

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      I agree, William. “It’s all about love.” I love your statement “The bible is very clear on one subject and that is love. Love of God and God’s love for all mankind”. So true, but quite the opposite of what the fundies claim the bible is clear about.

      (Since writing the post, I have found that this idea that they were lovers is not new. In the sixteenth century the playwright Christopher Marlowe was explicit: “St John the evangelist was bedfellow to Christ and leaned always in his bosom”.)

      Thanks for the contribution.

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