Stand Up for Vatican II

A fascinating email landed in my inbox this evening, about an initiative here in the UK to “Stand Up for Vatican II”.  This is the first I have heard of it, but this is clearly something that has been a while in preparation.  As you will see from the details below, this will be launched here by means of a website which will be going live from January 1, followed by a public launch on January 26th. This initiative, while specifically located in the English Church, is not alone. Other movements are active in other countries, and internationally.  This is something I will most certainly attend and support, and will keep you informed of progress as I learn more. I hope that my UK readers will similarly support it, and readers elsewhere will help to promote it, even from long distance, in any way they can.

Vatican II in session, St Peter's

In the meantime, this is the information I have:

We are pleased to tell you that Stand up for Vatican II is now almost ready to be launched properly the website will be available from 1 January 2010. It contains articles, general information and most important the petition which we plan to send to the Bishops of England and Wales. In the wording of the petition we call upon our Bishops to re-commit to supporting fully the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, visit the website to see for yourself and sign the petition.

You can also sign up to receive the newsletter which will keep you in touch with Stand Up during the year, you can also complete a testimonial telling us why you are standing up for Vatican II.

We also have a meeting to launch the campaign in London on the 26 January, the attached gives full details for the meeting. All are welcome to attend and we ask only that you let us know in advance that you will be coming. Please send an email to or write to Bernard Wynne at 180 Blackfen Road, Sidcup, DA15 8PT.

If you have already told us that you are coming, you don’t need to reply as we have a note of those who have confirmed.

An important part of making sure that our campaign is a success is to tell as many people as possible about it. If we can get the information out to enough people we are confident that large numbers of people will want to sign the petition, but we need you to play your part by passing on this email to as many people as possible.

Getting the message out

This email is being sent to 180 addresses, we would like all of the people who receive it to send it on to their own contacts this will enable us to build a significant support base very quickly, for example:

If every recipient sent it on to 8 people this would result in 1, 440 seeing it. If in turn they sent it on to 5 contacts each this would take our number up to 7,200 and if this group were to send it on to a further 2 contacts this would take the number to 14,400. This would be an excellent start.

At first reading this may sound fanciful but I can assure you that the power of email makes such figures entirely possible.

Other actions you could take include:

  • Putting information about the website and petition in your parish bulletin
  • Discuss it at your parish council
  • Circulate the information to members of your local school Parents Association
  • Many of us belong to other organisations such as, a prayer group, a J&P Group, the CWL, The Knights, The Newman Association, a CAFOD support group and many, many more. Tell your friends in these organisations and others about Stand Up, you might even be able to get a mention in the local/national newsletter, discuss it at a future meeting
  • Write to the Catholic press
  • Tell people about it on twitter or facebook.

We should be pleased to hear how you circulated the information and invite you to place a comment on the website under the heading testimonials. Sharing information provides ideas and encouragement for others.

If anyone would like a paper copy of the petition send a message giving your address or write to the address above.

If you believe this campaign is important and worthwhile please make sure you play your part by:

  • Passing this email on to as many other people as you can
  • Visit the website and sign the petition.

Good wishes and thank you for playing your part in standing up for Vatican II

Derek Reeve, Frank Regan, Pamela Wearing, Bernard Wynne

This is the text of the “meeting notice”:


A meeting to launch Stand up for Vatican II will be held on the 26 January 2010, at St Vincent’s Carlisle Place, Westminster SW1P 1NL, (alongside Westminster Cathedral), starting at 7.00 pm.

Stand up for Vatican II is a campaign designed to involve the whole Church, Catholic organisations and individuals, who recognise the benefits the Second Vatican Council brought to the Church to stand together to celebrate the forty fifth anniversary of the closure of the Council.

Our speakers will be:

  • Robert Nowell, as assistant editor of The Tablet he reported from the Council, subsequently report widely on Church affairs as well as translating the works of Hans Kung.
  • Myra Poole SND de Namur – Educator, Historian, Feminist Theologian and activist for women in all churches but especially in the RC Church. Present main interest – ‘Ecclesiology in a Different Voice’.
  • Michael Winter is a theologian, and founder member of the Movement for Married Clergy. He is the author of several books on English Catholicism, including WHATEVER HAPPENED TO VATICAN II?

Who will each describe why they are standing up for Vatican II and why the whole Church should gather together celebrate this important anniversary.

In the chair Frank Regan

We hope that many people will want to join us on this important occasion and ask only that you let us know in advance that you will be coming. Please send an email to or write to Bernard Wynne at 180 Blackfen Road, Sidcup, DA15 8PT.

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