Prostitution in the Service of the Lord?*

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2 Responses to “Prostitution in the Service of the Lord?*”

  1. colkoch Says:

    This is just so symbolic of so many wrong things. I’m glad that the father is being prosecuted for forcible rape of his son. How much further could a father debase the humanity of his son by tagging it to a ‘used’ condom?

    Another excellent example of how the Church debased male humanity in order to completely debase female humanity was in the use of castratti in the Sistine choir. This practice was carried on well into the nineteenth century. Which sort of made a mockery of all the ranting against sterilization in Casti Connubbii as issued by Pius XI in 1932. In fact, the only recording known to exist of a castratti was recorded in the Sistine Chapel in 1902. Check this video:

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      Thanks you, Colleen, for reminding us of yet another example of Vatican hypocrisy. They are so fond of pointing to “immutable” moral rules – immutable. that is, until it suits them to abandon them themselves.

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