Modern Heroes: Nominations, Please.

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7 Responses to “Modern Heroes: Nominations, Please.”

  1. colkoch Says:

    I love Mychal Judge, but I have to nominate Bishop Gene Robinson.

  2. Rev Dr John J McNeill Says:

    I wish to correct an error in my entry. Mother Clare was a trandsexual and not just a transvestite, Sorry

  3. William Lindsey Says:

    Terry, when I read your final statement–prophetic witness in the church to justice for queers–the name that leaps into my mind is Desmond Tutu. A witness much-needed in Africa (and everywhere else in the world) today . . . .

    Speaking of last lines, I very much liked the line ending your article on scriptural “couples” and quality of relationship: yes, perhaps Jesus was doodling in the sand as he talked to the woman caught in adultery to show us he was bored with the sex focus and far more interested in relationships.

    You put the point far better and in a pithier way than I just did–great observation.

  4. Liz Hale Says:

    It’s a tie between Fr. John McNeill and Fr. Mychal Judge.

    All the names, above, have made enormous contributions to advancing the understanding and acceptance of GL people, but these two have arguably had the greatest impact.

    Fr. John McNeill by his theological and pastoral writings which continue to be key points of reference 30 years later. And Fr. Mychal Judge who has done more to change the perceptions of straight people than any other single person (mostly after 9/11).

    Why not award them BOTH?

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