Snowbound: Day 5 Update

There is still no sign of a thaw, although we were spared the “heavy” fall that was forecast for last night.  This means that it is still possible reasonably easily to get about on foot (with care), and some cars at least are venturing out.  On the other hand, it’s still not plain sailing  driving into Haslemere.  Not all supplies are getting through to the local shops, and the advertising leaflets that I should have received on Friday to go with the local newspapers that I am supposedly delivering to individual distributors by Tuesday, have still not appeared – nor is there any sign when they will do so.   The “Haslemere Messenger“, I fear, could be delivered late this week.  But then, we’ve not had deliveries by Royal Mail since last Tuesday, either.

The skies today are grey and overcast, with every possibility of more snow yet to come.  Temperatures are not forecast to go above freezing for several more days, so we will not see the thaw even begin until mid-week.  Meanwhile, there is plenty for me to gawk at.  Until this week, I had never seen a proper icicle.  Now they are everywhere, including right outside our back door – and just look at how they have grown, from this:

Back door icicles, Friday

to this (the longest of these are now over 3 foot in length, and still growing)

Back Door Icicles, Saturday

2 Responses to “Snowbound: Day 5 Update”

  1. Mark from PA Says:

    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures in this and the other posts. It is cold and sunny here but we don’t have a lot of snow. The bad storms have been missing us. Our cold isn’t as bad as other places. I hope that at least you are getting sunshine with the snow.

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