The Liturgy Queen

“Confessions of a Liturgy Queen” is another of those new blogs that I came across while following the useful information on the WordPress dashboard, identifying sites from which readers had followed links.  In this case though, I found it not from my dashboard, here, but at the Open Tabernacle.

Ross Lonergan describes himself in these words:

I am a resident of Vancouver, Canada. In 2006 I returned to the Catholic Church after 40 years of “lapse.” Since that time I have developed a passionate interest in many things Catholic, especially the priesthood, being gay and Catholic, and Vatican II. I am keen to learn more about the history of the Church and about theology, about Catholic writers of fiction and non-fiction and their works, about Judaism.

Ross and I clearly share a lot of interests, among them an exploration of theology and Church history, the nature of priesthood, and the obvious issues of being gay and Catholic. (I also like many of the books on his f”avourite fiction” list, notably “At Swim Two Boys”). He is clearly  thoughtful, keen to learn and share, and writes clearly of his findings. Ross began blogging in December 2009.  I hope he will continue a long time. Go across and have a look for yourself:. (These are some of his posts that caught my attention):

The Church as the People of God

The Church as the People of God, Part II

3 Responses to “The Liturgy Queen”

  1. John McNeill Says:


    Thank you for your excellent comments contrasting the teching of the Vatican with the message of Vatican II You might find some of my writing useful www,
    God bless!

    • Ross Says:

      Thank you, Terry, for reading and recommending my blog. I must emphasize that I am new to both blogging and to the discussion of issues of faith. At any rate, I am honoured and blessed to be a small part of a community that has the courage and the perserverence to keep telling their Truth.


      • Terence@queerchurch Says:

        It’s a pleasure, Ross, to ofer encouragment. I’ve only been at it a year myself. I well remember how after the early enthusiasm, it to often felt as though I was speaking into a vacuum. We’re part of a community, and we need to remember that. Welcome to the club.

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