Religious Leaders FOR Marriage Equality

In Minnesota, some religious leaders are rallying in favour of marriage equality. This runs counter to the standard views on”homosexuality”, but is entirely consistent with the Gospels’ emphasis on justice and inclusion.  It is also consistent with the practice of the early church, where a form of same sex union received liturgical blessing in church.  For too long we have allowed the religious right to dominate all public discussion of homosexuality, with the result that public debate on the political expression thereof has been reduced to th simplistic arguing between “religious duty” and “civic rights”.  This is a completely false choice:  the religious duty is not to exclude and foster prejudice, discrimination and hatred, but to provide for justice and inclusion for all.


Religious leaders rally for gay marriage at Minnesota Capitol

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Clergy of various faiths and community members gathered at the state capitol Thursday in an effort to push for marriage equality.

OutFront Minnesota organized the event called “I Do Support Love Freedom to Marry Day Rally.”

“For years, many Minnesotans thought that support for marriage equality was simply incompatible with religious faith,” OutFront Minnesota Executive Director Amy Johnson said.

The common theme of the rally centered around the support some local churches are offering towards a marriage equality bill.

“Today’s powerful statements by Minnesota clergy in favor of marriage equality will help move Minnesota toward an eventual end to discrimination in marriage,” OutFront Public Policy Director Monica Meyer said.

Besides religious speakers, various politicians voiced their support for a marriage equality bill and spoke of their previous support of gay equality.

Among the politicians that spoke were DFL Senators Scott Dibble, Mee Moua, Sandy Pappas, Linda Higgens, and State DFL Representative Karen Clark.

DFL gubernatorial candidates Mark Dayton, Matt Entenza, and John Marty also attended the event.

Besides this rally, OutFront Minnesota typically hosts a Lobby Day event towards the end of each legislative session as well.


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