The Power of Film: “Faith of the Abomination”

eWith a hat tip to Kitt at Jesus in love who drew my attention to it, I just have to tell you about yet another new documentary movie on faith and orientation.  In this version, a lesbian couple, heartily sick of the rejection they encountered on homophobic grounds, wondered what would happen if they “changed the package?”

Accordingly, they remade themselves to resemble a straight couple right out of the born -again text book, with a twist.  The newly -minted “husband” presented as a minister, complete with dog-collar. They successfully passed the test, were accepted, and infiltrated the church which had rejected them, complete with hidden cameras.  If I have correctly understood the advance publicity, the truth of this particular congregation, they found, was not about the Gospels, not just about bigotry – but about financial greed and political influence.

From the movie’s own website:

The now completed documentary, Faith of the Abomination, clearly illuminates how the Pastor and his cronies, under “God’s authority”, use divisive social issues such as homosexuality and gay marriage, to rally their people into giving money to fight these “unrighteous agendas”. The same hateful rhetoric is also used to scare parents into sending their kids to the churches’ Institutions of Indoctrination, and to form powerful coalitions with politicians and other leaders who are just as greedy and corrupt.

Meanwhile, thousands of families are torn apart, hundreds of thousands of people leaving their faiths, and many more left hopeless to the point of taking their own lives… as these “high priests” stockpile the offerings, on top of our tax subsidies, to build their own massive, multi-million dollar empires.

I have just spent some fun time exploring the youtube trailer, sneak peak, and other snippets.  Do the same, starting at the official website

Faith of the Abomination.

You could also look at the extracts

Sneak Peek (Showing how she “changed the package”)

Politics in the pulpit

Faith of the Abomination has its premiere today, 16th February.

7 Responses to “The Power of Film: “Faith of the Abomination””

  1. Johnny Fairplay Says:

    Not to micro manage here or miss out on the beauty of the forest because of all the trees and truths! …but it’s difficult gleem any credence out of an article/blog comment when there are numerous mis-spelled words and/or typo’s. Seems to be a lack of focus here and inability to maintain some level of a stable mental state! Life and religion is what it is…learn it and deal with it! Oh! The article it’s self is a vain attempted to deny the norms and morals that you must leave by…no options or subsitutions allowed…that would be a compromise on standards!

  2. Ross Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this film, Terence. I will look for it to be shown where I live. Have you seen the documentary “Saints + Sinners”? Here is what the back of the DVD says:

    “Devout Catholics Edward DeBonis and Vincent Maniscalco, a gay couple, are determined to be wed in a church and receive the Holy Sacrament of Marriage. Without polemics or preaching, this award-winning documentary compassionately puts a human face on the social, political, and religious aspects of same-sex marriage. Droll and dramatic interviews with Edward and Vincent and their families and friends convey a universal love story of a couple determined to celebrate their relationship on their terms – and be announced in the ‘Styles’ section of The New York Times!”

    I cried most of the way through this film the first time I watched it – but then I cry through a lot of movies. Seriously, it is a touching movie and well worth watching.

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      Hi Ross, sorry I could not reply sooner.

      I would echo Kitt’s comments on “Saints and Sinners.” No, I had not heard about ti either, but now I want to know more. This sounds like a great one for me to watch with some friends form our Soho Masses.

  3. KittKatt Says:

    I’m glad that you share my excitement about “Faith of the Abomination.” I had fun viewing all the clips on their website, too. It took courage for the lesbians to go undercover into “enemy” territory, and I look forward to seeing the movie.

    Ross, thanks for describing “Saints + Sinners.” I’ll check it out.

  4. James Says:

    Terence, please may I have an e-mail address at which I may write to you other than through this public forum.



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