The Power of Film: “Saints & Sinners”

With thanks to reader  Ross, who says of  it :

I cried most of the way through this film the first time I watched it – but then I cry through a lot of movies. Seriously, it is a touching movie and well worth watching.

From Amazon:

“After living together for seven years in a seemingly accepting community in New York City, Edward DeBonis and Vincent Maniscalco decide to get married. But unlike many other gay couples who formalize their relationship in a domestic union, Vincent and Edward, both devout Catholics, will settle for nothing short of the “Holy Sacrament of Marriage.” The couple’s request to The New York Times to announce their wedding in the weekly “Styles” section throws the newspaper into disarray. Publishing the first Catholic gay wedding announcement presents the editors with numerous controversial questions: Is a gay priest a real priest? Can a gay union be called a wedding? Can a gay couple be considered Catholic? As America stands on the verge of legal acceptance of gay and lesbian unions, Saints and Sinners explores the social, political and religious aspects of same-sex marriage and examines its effect on American society.”

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3 Responses to “The Power of Film: “Saints & Sinners””

  1. John McNeill Says:

    As a married Catholic priest, I can identify with this film. After 44 years of partnership Charles Chiarelli and I went to Toronto and were married by Judge Harvet Brownstone. Returning to New York we celebrated our wedding mass with Dignity NY. Th greatest gift God has sent into my life is the love of my partner Charlie

  2. Thom Says:

    It’s a pretty good film.

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