Republican Family Values, California: UPDATED

The idea that the greatest homophobes are often just closeted queers themselves is a tired old cliché – but it’s true.  (It has been experimentally confirmed by the simple method of wiring up subjects to those penile devices to measure erectile strength – and exposing to them to porn.  I wish I had kept the link to that one.)  But we don’t need scientific proof – they blow their cover regularly.

From Lezgetreal:

(Gay) Anti-gay senator Roy Ashburn arrested after leaving gay nightclub

Sen Roy Ashburn

Around 2am Wednesday, March 3rd, California State Senator, Roy Ashburn (R-Bakersfield) was pulled over in his state-issued black Chevy Tahoe. There was an unidentified man travelling with the senator.

Sources say the senator had just left the gay nightclub, Faces, when police noticed the car swerving dangerously and pulled him over.

He was arrested without incident and charged with two misdemenors: driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher. The unidentified man in the vehicle with Senator Ashburn was not detained.

Senator Ashburn was released from the Sacramento County Jail on a $1,400 bond.

Roy Ashburn, who is the divorced father of four daughters, ran on a family-values platform and had voted against a bill to recognise out-of-state same sex marriages, hosted a Traditional Values Coalition rally in Bakersfield, and received a perfect score of 100% on the Capitol Resource Family Impact scorecard for never voting yes to any equality legislation, ever.

UPDATE: It’s official.  Sen Ashburn is gay. He has come out, and admitted it, in an interview on a conservative radio station.

“I am gay… those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long. But I am gay,” Ashburn told conservative radio talk show host Inga Barks in an on-air interview.

I wish I could congratulate him on his delayed, enforced courage and honesty (better late than never) –  but he still opposes gay marriage. Go figure.

5 Responses to “Republican Family Values, California: UPDATED”

  1. Jack McNulty Says:

    Deposuit Potentes de Sede………

  2. colkoch Says:

    I just love this. I needed another good laugh this morning. Rachel Maddow needs to add this story to her string of ‘hypocrisy’ stories.

  3. Jimmy Mac Says:

    One more proof for the existence of God!

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      We may have another proof, Jimmy: it would seem that the canonization cause of Pope John II has hit a little snag, in spite of B XVI’s attempts to accelerate it. See my post “JPII Sainthood Cause Delayed: a New Miracle?”, which will publish later today – scheduled for noon UK time, 16:00 EST.

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