Elfbaby’s Holiday Snaps

Every time my granddaughter Claudia Paige Thalia Ruude-Weldon (known by her mother as “Elfbaby”) goes on holiday, my partner Raymond demands to know, ex-headteacher that he is, whether she has yet written her “What I Did in the Hols” essay.   This is not easy for her, considering that she is not yet a year old.  Now, she has just returned from a long holiday in the southern sun (while I continue to shiver in the UK’s longest, coldest winter in decades.)  She has not yet managed to write her own essay, but she did communicate, through good graces of Mom, that travel is “Awesome”, but home again is even more “Awesome.”  She has also posted online some holiday pics of her “Awesome” good time, which I have snaffled from Mom’s blog to show you.  (For Mom’s commentary, you will have to go to Spring on Mars).

Elfbaby learns to sleep in a carseat

Elfbaby meets a swimming. Small fraction of the Weldon clan in the background

Elfbaby's folks introduce her to a swimming pool

Elfbaby sensibly avoids the hot Cape Town sun, stays in the shade

Elfbaby discovered she loves dogs

Elfbaby with Superdaddy in another pool

My Family: Daughter Robynn, Elfbaby with cousins Emma and Patrick. Elfbaby's Aunt Barbara has gone AWOL

You will note that a holiday including glorious Cape Town notwithstanding, there are no beach pics.  Beaches, it seems, and sea and waves, are decidedly NOT “Awesome”.

2 Responses to “Elfbaby’s Holiday Snaps”

  1. william Says:

    She is darling! Congratulations on a wonderful family. Please do give all of us a update on this beautiful child.

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