What is a (Young) Gay Catholic To Do? A Personal Story

All gay or lesbian Catholics face difficult choices in trying to be truthful to themselves and in their faith. This is especially difficult in our youth, when so many parts of our lives are are difficult and confusing. However, many reputable writers on spirituality and on psychological health have pointed out that in the longer run, this can be a spiritually rewarding growth experience: by being forced to deal with these issues in a way that others are not, we may well acquire spiritual gifts to share with the wider Church.

This is is from a piece posted on Facebook, and strongly recommended by Philip Endean SJ, professor of theology at Oxford University. This young man has faced the difficulties, and learned the lesson early.

I present here his opening and closing paragraphs. For the full piece, go to facebook:

College preparatory high schools have been commonly classified as pinnacles of high-class, conservative attitudes, and extensive curriculums that ensure a student is prepared for the difficult transition into collegiate life. But regardless of the extensive curriculum, certain students feel as if the school lacks something: being comfortable as a homosexual in a small and private community. A problem commonly seen in single sex preparatory schools, many homosexual students find themselves in a predicament because they fear their peers will not accept them. They may feel as if they are the source of other people’s discomfort when they only crave to live their lives freely without their sexuality holding them back from participating in typical teenage activities. Students in Jesuit preparatory schools may feel more of a caustic welcoming; many religious people debate that homosexuality is prohibited as implied in the Christian bible, and being a student in a religiously-affiliated school may pose an issue if one were to be open about his or her sexuality. For a student living in the communities of homosexuality as well as the Jesuit high school, one explores his or her identity only to later on discover that regardless of sexuality, each person is a human and deserves respect.


Being a homosexual student at a Jesuit preparatory school was a harrowing experience. I was never able to bring myself to join the sports I wanted to play nor was I able to feel as if I was just one of the guys. But I came to the conclusion that all I wanted from life was to be happy with who I was meant to be. Every person deserves to be treated like a human being, for each person is created equal. I broke down the doors that prevented me from being who I truly was and found comfort in being a gay student in a Catholic school through knowing that I am a human before I am a homosexual. I will never let my sexual preference limit me from expressing who I truly am.


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  1. Mark from PA Says:

    This was moving and beautiful.

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