Abuse: Latin America Takes Its Turn*

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3 Responses to “Abuse: Latin America Takes Its Turn*”

  1. Mark from PA Says:

    I may be naive here but how is it possible for an 82 year old priest to have sex with a 19 year old? 82 years old. This is almost beyond belief.

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      Mark, that was also my first reaction. The report doesn’t specify though exactly who was doing what to whom. We should also remember that older often retain interest in sex for far longer than those much younger would realise.

  2. Mark from PA Says:

    I suppose this is irreverant but if that priest had been faithfully celibate then by that age I would think that certain things wouldn’t work. If this guy is doing this at 82, it may be that he has been sexually exploiting people for most of his adult life.

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