Happy Birthday, Elfbaby.

You would think that with Claudia Paige Thalia Rude-Weldon to choose from, Mum would not need to resort to yet another name – but no, not my daughter.  She never was one for given names. First,  she unilaterally adjusted the spelling of her own name, then renamed her nephew “spot” (logical, really, because  that was how we first met Patrick – a tiny spot on her mother’s first ultrasound, which said mother proudly disseminated as her first baby pics.)  She still calls him Spot (at 6 years old), but then he gets to call her Pobble. (See Edward Lear.  One of he few useful things I know I have given my daughter is a love of comic verse – hence Claudia’s third name:  “Thalia” – the Greek muse of comic verse. With Pobble for mother, and moi for gramps, the child had best prepare now for a lifetime of regular rhythm, twisted logic and ingenious rhymes. Along with Eartha Kitt, Gilbert & Sullivan  and Broadway musicals.  I blame my own father.)

Elfbaby is twelve  months young today.

If you prefer video, take a look at these, lovingly put together and expertly edited by Superdaddy.  It looks like she quite enjoyed her long haul flight from London to Johannesburg via Paris. ( I’m not sure the same applies to the passengers around her.)

Heathrow Terminal

London – Paris

Paris – Jozi

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