Bisexual Snails

There is a widespread myth out there that homoeroticism is somehow “against nature” because “animals don’t do it”.  The argument is deeply flawed on numerous counts:  Are we to model our behaviour on the animal kingdom? If so, why was the church for so long opposed to the male -behind heterosexual sexual position as (“animal like”), insisting instead on the completely unnatural missionary position? Why argue  that animals “Don’t” do it”, and simultaneously that it should be avoided because animals (the hare, the weasel, the hyena) DO “do it”?

The whole idea of “against nature” is a key part of the Christian church’s development of opposition to same sex relationships, but is full of weaknesses in logic as well as empirically verifiable evidence. I am in the midst of preparing a lengthy post demonstrating how flawed the argument is. In the meantime, by serendipity I have come across the following story in New Scientist magazine, on the omnisexual appetite of the rough snail. Remember, that logically a single counterexample is enough to demolish an argument such as “all animals avoid same sex activity.” This counterexample eliminates that claim at a stroke. Other counterexamples, which I will present shortly, will demonstrate the more modest claim that exclusive heterosexuality is somehow “normal”.

What is abnormal, in the global context, is exclusive, compulsory heterosexuality .

Males track females by following their mucus trails, and will attempt to mate with pretty much any snail they encounter, regardless of whether it is the correct sex or even the same species. They mate with males just as often as they do with females – though they do give up such copulations sooner.

2 Responses to “Bisexual Snails”

  1. william Says:

    I am so looking forward to your other posts on this subject.
    This is interesting about the snail. In many ways i am so thankful God gave humans a little more ways to find our mates. I am sure i would not like to find my mate by following his mucus trail……

    • Terence@queerchurch Says:

      I am pleased you are looking forward to the rest on this. TIs a big topic, which I’ve been wanting to get onto for ages. just as I was making good progress, I got hold of Greenberg’s magnificent scholarly book, “The Construction of Homosexuality” – which has given me about five times as much information as I had before, which I still need to digest.

      I do think though that it is now time to leave the clerical abuse saga aside (at least on this site), and move on to more positive stuff.

      Thanks, William, for the encouragement: and no, following a mucus trail is not very appealing.

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