For the Irish Catholics, a Modest Proposal.

No substantive posting today, as I have been out all day on retreat with the Soho Masses congregation, with with as retreat director.Fr Bernard Lynch.  Bernard is Irish, and is even more concerned about the poor position of women in the Catholic Church than about that of gay men.

As an aside to a discussion on a broader topic, he made the following useful suggestion for the Irish Church. The best way for them to recover from the hurt inflicted on them, he says, is for every Irish Catholic to stay well away from Catholic priests and Catholic buildings for a year.  During that time, the impressive Irish women can fill the breach, celebrating Mass for their families in their own homes.

Sounds good to me:  Now, what about elsewhere?


One Response to “For the Irish Catholics, a Modest Proposal.”

  1. william Says:

    With all due respect to all who identify as Catholic, I would suggest staying away from any catholic church until the church takes responsibility for the abuse and a complete change in the hierarchy is complete. But i am not sure if that will be enough. From what i have read and seen many have lost their faith in not only the church but in God as well.

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