Inclusion in Faith: Jewish Support

Yet another faith community is to rally in support of marriage equality. I have not had much to say bout Jewish attitudes, as the faith is way outside my experience, but I have a sense that this community has moved further, more quickly, on LGBT acceptance than other groups. This is something I am hoping to explore further. If so, there are grave implications for the other two “people of the book”, including Christians who rest a major part of their opposition on readings of the Hebrew books of Genesis 19 (Sodom) and Leviticus 18 & 2o.  If the Jews themselves no longer take those as normative, why do we?

From (Lower Hudson Valley)

New Rochelle temple to host rally for same-sex marriage

In December, the sate Senate rejected a bill that would have allowed gay couples to marry. For advocates of same-sex marriage, like the kulanu committee of Temple Israel of New Rochelle, the vote was a big disappointment.

“Everybody was so upset. We felt we had to do something,” said Mitchell Tarnopal, a committee member and New Rochelle resident.

To show its support for gay marriage, the committee will hold a rally from noon to 3 p.m. Sunday at the temple with other religious institutions from Westchester County.

Many religious institutions perform weddings for same-sex couples, but those marriages are not recognized by the state.

Linda Barat, co-chair of the committee, said she wanted to educate the public about the issues surrounding same-sex marriage, including the benefits denied unmarried couples.

“We really want people to understand there are so many rights that are not given in a civil union versus a marriage,” said Barat, who got involved in advocacy after her teenage son told her he was gay.

Barat helped found the kulanu, or “all of us,” committee two years ago to support and advocate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Tarnopal rallied for civil rights in the 1960s.

He compared the gay marriage ban to the discrimination that interracial couples once faced.

“We would be much better off if we all had the same rights,” he said.


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