Financial Shenanigans, Connecticut

There’s sexual abuse, and there’s financial abuse. What they have in common, is an abuse of clerical power, without any vestige of serious lay oversight.

Conn. Priest Accused of Paying for Male Prostitutes with Church Money

Rev. Kevin Gray is seen in this mugshot

Rev. Kevin Gray is seen in this mugshot

A Roman Catholic priest in Waterbury, Connecticut has been accused of stealing more than $1 million from his parish and spending the money on lavish meals, clothing–and encounters with male prostitutes.

Kevin Gray, 64, a longtime priest at Waterbury’s Sacred Heart church, fleeced his parishioners to the tune of $1.3 million over a seven-year period, according to a July 6 report in local newspaper the Republican-American. Gray’s alleged financial misdeeds were uncovered when the church’s finances were subjected to scrutiny during an internal review process, the article said; meantime, Gray had told unsuspecting parishioners that he was suffering with cancer, a story authorities believe were meant to explain why he was away from the church so much.

In truth, the story said, Gray was living the high life, going into Manhattan and racking up exorbitant restaurant and hotel bills, and hiring the services of male escorts.

Full report at Edge Boston


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