The Myth of Clerical Celibacy, Again.

It really is well past time to face some obvious facts, and end the farcical myth of clerical celibacy.

From Earth times:

Jilted Catholic monk arrested in killings of nun, priest in China

Beijing – A Catholic monk in northern China has confessed to killing a nun and a priest whom he blamed for persuading her to jilt him, state media said Friday.

Zhang Wenping, 43, told police in the Inner Mongolia region that he committed the killings because the nun had ended a “romantic relationship” with him and he “believed the priest persuaded her to do so,” the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Police arrested Zhang Thursday in the regional capital, Hohhot, after the nun and priest were found dead at a church-run home for the elderly Tuesday in the nearby city of Wuhai.

Zhang confessed that his “personal grudges” were the motive for the killings, the agency quoted a Wuhai police spokesman as saying.

Zhang and the two victims were all members of the city’s state-approved Wuda Catholic Church, it said.

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