Sergius & Bacchus, 7th October: Patron Saints of Same Sex Lovers?

I can’t believe that I have (almost) missed this important feast day yet again.  In mitigation, I can only say that it has been a particularly trying few weeks personally. My partner has only just come out of a stay in hospital (some of which was in intensive care), has been needing ferrying to various follow-up appointments, and gas largely delegated his usual cooking activities to me. In addition, one of my sisters is currently visiting the UK from South Africa, which has demanded still more time. Today we prepared an impressive formal (very traditional English) lunch of roast beef for the visitors, before taking them on an extended drive through the Surrey countryside. A grand time was had by all – but no time was left for writing, or for thinking about the queer saints calendar. Still, Sergius & B must not be ignored.

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As I have written before, I have a very special connection with this pair of Roman gay lovers who were also Roman soldiers and accepted by the early church as saints and martyrs for the faith. Like so many queer Catholics, it never occurred to me that there could even exist gay or lesbian Catholics until I heard of SS Sergius and Bacchus. Some months after first hearing of them, I read their story in John Boswell, and wondered when was their feast day. I investigated – and found by wonderful serendipity that it was that very day. That began for me a continuing exploration of the other LGBT saints, of the rest of gay history in the churches, of more general gay and lesbian theology – and  this blog.

As it is way too late for me to write something fresh on Sergius & Bacchus tonight, I shall simply point you (for now) to my earlier posts – and o the excellent posts by my lesbigay friends and colleagues elsewhere:

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