I’m Back

But (possibly) in a small way.

Last week I was fully occupied with travelling and preparations for Mom’s funeral, and then the funeral day itself – as well as time with a fairly substantially sized family. I was fortunate in having good internet access for much of the week – but limited time to do much more than read mail, check the most basic information elsewhere, and some minimal posting and site maintenance. I did get to read your comments and good wishes, for which I once again thank you all.

This week. I have moved on to Johannesburg for a few days recovery time with my daughter Barbara and two grandchildren, with all the time in the world for reading and writing – but with an idiosyncratic and unreliable net connection. I am hoping to get back to regular daily posting, but already my plans yesterday were disrupted. My attempts to prepare a lengthy post for All Saints day came to naught when my work was regularly disrupted by interruptions to the internet connection, and then by a fearsome thunderstorm last evening. Johannesburg is one of the world’s lighting hotspots, and just a few days ago Barbara’s laptop was fried by a lightning strike. Discretion won out over the calendar, and I shut down early. My post for All Saints day was consequently posted a day late – but dated yesterday.

Today, all seems rosy. The connection is good (so far), and I have already been able to publish one post, and schedule another (an All Soul’s Day reflection on burying our queer dead) for  publication later, at 12 noon GMT. If this keeps up, I should be able to maintain a good flow of daily posting from here on in. I have a lot to write about. Thank you for your support and patience during my absence – it’s good to be back with you again.


One Response to “I’m Back”

  1. Mark from PA Says:

    Welcome back. Prayers and blessings. God bless you and your family. May the happy memories of your mother bring you comfort and may she rest in peace with Our Lord.

    Warmly – Mark

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