GLAAD’s Religious News Round-up: Highly Recommended

I thought I kept a reasonably close watch on the significant news stories on queer religion, but my eyes have been opened wide by the “Religious News Round-up at GLAAD“, which includes a wealth of links to relevant stories, many of which were new to me. Some of the stories I had not seen before are:

The extracts below give an idea of the flavour of the digest. There’s also more on specific denominations, on welcoming congregations, and on international news.

Spirit Day actions across the country raised consciousness about the harmsof anti-gay speech and bullying. Religious leaders in Arkansasstudents at Baruch College and people of faith in “It Gets Better” videos urged churches to be accepting.  Bishop Mark Hanson, the presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, made history by saying gay people are “The people God created them to be” and should not be bullied.

Still, people of faith are standing up in the face of bullying. Local Lutherans are working hard to keep their church from breaking away from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which now has inclusive policies. Jewish leaders decried bullying, and Episcopal presiding bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori spoke out for core values such as love rather than hate.  Christians joinedJewish and other inter-faith leaders for marriage equality.  Gay couples celebrated faith and their marriages.

Faith leaders committed to social justice are getting prominent positions, and local churches are coming out to welcome GLBT members. A Presbyterian man in Madison, Wisconsin, is seeking ordination as an openly gay pastor, and the video “The Way God Made Me,” about a Presbyterian minister who is transgender, made news.

I have no idea how often  Ann Craig, GLAAD’s Director of Religion Faith and Values, plans to update this invaluable resource, but I hope and pray that it will be frequently.

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