A Reader’s Excellent Questions On Celibacy.

My reader William is not Catholic, and has declared to me in private correspondence that he does not regard himself as a highly educated man. Sometimes though, it takes an outsider’s perspective to see things clearly, and sometimes great learning just gets in the way. I find great wisdom in his question, below, which we supposedly educated Catholics would do well to ponder – and also his conclusion.

I am going to take a stab at this and please understand I am not trying to offend anyone who regards themselves as Catholic. It is my understanding that the Catholic Church regards Peter as the first Pope. Then please tell me why Jesus would make a married man Pope if He was opposed to men, in the service of the Lord, being married? As I recall were not the majority of the priests in the Old Testament married? How is it that the ruling body of this church consist entirely of men who say they are celibate and have remained so their entire “official” life, how can someone without any sexual experience advise anyone on a sexual matter much less make regulations regarding a subject they know nothing of? Of course this could also be asked of anyone who regards themselves as heterosexual and claiming that being homosexual is a choice. The fact that they are heterosexual eliminates them from any discussion on any sexual matter not related to heterosexual matters.

The bottom line as far as I am concerned is that if Jesus did not oppose marriage for His followers including Peter and future Popes and if He also did not have anything to say about same sex matters then we who are His creation should remain silent as well.

One Response to “A Reader’s Excellent Questions On Celibacy.”

  1. Philomena Carolan Says:

    Well said and you are not a Catholic.

    That actually reminds me of a part in the bible (and I am a Catholic). of the prostitute who was caught in the act of adultary, they took her to Jesus and wanted her dealt with as to be stoned to death-as that was the penatly but Jesus asked, those without sin, cast the first stone, then they walked away one by one, chucking their stones aside, then Jesus was left alone with the woman and then Jesus asks the prostitute, (who condems you woman?) her reply was no one sir, no he then says to her then go away and sin no more, so she left.

    He is so right. Well done you.

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