Pope Benedict, “Light of the World”

For the last fortnight, we have been deluged with extracts from, and commentary about, Pope Benedict’s long interview with Peter Seewald, published in book form as “Light of the World: The Pope, The Church and The Signs Of The Times“. Inevitably, press commentary has been highly selective, concentrating heavily on a few short sentences about condoms and HIV/AIDS. However, there is a great deal more in the book, and I have been struggling to get hold of a copy: all the national booksellers have told me “temporarily unavailable” with no information on an availability date. (I was told this even on the day listed as the publication date, very early in the morning – and repeatedly since).

However, I should not have worried. I was able to get my hands on one, at markedly less than the standard retail price, and on a simple IOU, from my friend and colleague at the Soho Masses, who runs a book stall that would put many a standard parish repository to shame, for just two Masses a month.


Now that I have my own copy, I can begin to address more carefully than I could previously the pope’s views on a wide range of topics, but especially those that interest me most directly. Be warned though – I will be going into this cautiously, without rushing. Be patient.

While I think through my own responses though, I will more freely bring you useful commentary by others, just as I did earlier with Andrew Brown’s blog at the Guardian. I now also have a listing for a press release (in French, with translation by Google), which appears immediately below this post. My own thoughts will begin to appear from some time tomorrow.


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