Burn in Hell: What is Your Qualification?

My friend Roger from our Soho Masses, sent me this, last year. I came across it while going through some old posts, tidying up my files, and thought it could be fun to re-post. As Roger noted in his message, read the detail carefully.
There were an awful lot of “pewsitters” at his parish Mass last Sunday. Going through the full list, I wonder how many of you have no entry qualifications to hell at all?
Another friend, Dominic in Oz, complained that the is being lumped together with Jehovah’s Witnesses. (On what grounds, he did not say).
hellfire warning


2 Responses to “Burn in Hell: What is Your Qualification?”

  1. Paul Robert Says:

    Have you got over the shutdown forecast in the last post?

  2. Jack McNulty Says:

    I’m trying to remember how many of the qualifications for Hell came from Jesus to whom the Father has entrusted Judgement. Our Arrogance in such a regard supplants the Savior’s Mercy only at our own Risk.

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