Normal Service to Resume

There’s good and bad news on my laptop saga. Whereas I first thought it would need professional repairs, and then thought I might be able to function provisionally just by reloading Windows – its gone from bad to worse.and I now suspect the thing is effectively beyond repair. The good news is that my daughter has given me her old laptop. This suits m very well – even before the current disaster, my old now was clearly in need of some attention – a professional cleanup, new battery, new power adaptor, upgrade to Windows 7 – which would have been expensive. Now, there is no more need for any immediate expenditure.


So, I’m functioning again, with more material lined up for publication – but not quite ready yet. It’s also late, and my fingers are still finding their way around an unfamiliar keyboard, so no more tonight. For tomorrow and the next few days, this is what’s coming;

What is a gay priest to do? (Part 3)

John McNeill’s Christmas Reflection

Put Christ Into Christianity – Essential Self-giving

John McNeill’ Taking a Chance on God – Book and Film

More on Queer Saints and Martyrs

See you tomorrow.


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