Wingnut “Prophet” Explains Arizona Bird Deaths: Marriage Equality, Repeal of DADTu

Cindy Jacobs is a self-appointed “prophet” in the family business church she runs with her husband. Unlike the scientific professionals who hesitated to ascribe a definite cause to Arkansas’ sudden birth deaths without checking the evidence, she has produced an explanation based solidly on her own convictions. It’s all down to – the gays: gay marriage, DADT repeal, queer equality. She says that “biblical principles” are that marriage is between “a man” and “a woman”, and by flouting God’s principles, we are inviting “Nature” to take revenge.

I don’t know which “biblical principle” she is referring to here. If she is thinking Old Testament, she should prepare for some company in her home, as her husband should be taking on additional wives and concubines in emulation of the Hebrew patriarchs. If she is thinking New Testament, she should expect some lonely times ahead, as her husband follows Christ’s example and instruction to his disciples to leave wives and family behind, and follow him.

Either way, marriage as between ” a man and a woman” as we know it today, simply is not  a universal biblical principle.

Enjoy the lunacy:

One Response to “Wingnut “Prophet” Explains Arizona Bird Deaths: Marriage Equality, Repeal of DADTu”

  1. william Says:

    Oh Boy, Another crazy among us. I want to try and be civil here but the woman is really f…..kd up!

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