100 000 (and 9)!

This site (at this domain) has just passed the 100 000 cumulative readers: 100 000 page loads in just over 26 months.

What makes this astonishing to me is that this domain was supposedly shut down at about this time last year, when I moved to a new domain name on a self-hosted WordPress platform. That move turned out disastrously, and readership at this domain dropped sharply for several months, until I changed tack and started double posting everything at both domains. The art of bilocation though, might have been a useful and remarkable achievement for some of the Catholic saints, but is not helpful to the internet search engines, and difficult to sustain. The time has come to end it.

Over the past two weeks, I have transferred my self-hosted site and domain name to a new, WordPress-friendly hosting company (thanks, Go Daddy), and to a better domain name – http://queeringthechurch.com , which is identical to this except for the omission of “wordpress”.  If you have not already done so, please update your bookmarks.

Unlike last year’s trauma, I am expecting this move to go much more smoothly: I have learned something from past mistakes, and have also benefited from some excellent professional help and guidance. The new domain is already up and running smoothly, and there will be an automatic redirect in place so that even if you do use the old URL, you should find yourself at the new site, which is much the same as this, except for a different colour scheme.

When you see the background colours change from blue to tab, you will know you are at the new site. See you there.

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