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3 Responses to “Catholic Church (& Others)”

  1. Listen To Says:

    Cease your lifestyle.
    AH 3:3:2 “All Churches must agree with this Church (Rome) because of its’ preminent authority” (St. Irenaeus).
    Do not fight what the Church teaches, subject yourself to its’ teaching.
    Cease and Assist, do not live in error.

  2. Geoffery Says:

    As a gay man who has been faithful to his baptismal vows, I will be the first to say that it isn’t always easy- but then again, what is? That is what is so great about the rite of reconciliation (Confession). If we mess up, and it will happen- one confession later – with the intention of doing better-and we are returned to fellowship with Christ. Many argue on why WE can’t have a physical relationship with someone of our choosing now-a Gay one. That is a good question, I wish I had a good answer and believe me that is the first question I will ask when I get to heaven- I hope-. In the mean time, what is more important sex NOW or a happy eternity

  3. Norm Says:

    Amen Geoffrey!

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